Everything Comes at a Price…

By , May 28, 2014

Everyone wants success, but are they willing to pay the price? Some people go at it half-heartedly, while others go whole-heartedly and never quite get there… Sometimes it is so close you can almost taste it, almost reach out and touch it. It would be a real shame to get so close to actually getting it, and quitting just before you cross the finish line. The thing is – that you should NOT give up. But remember that it will come at a price.

ID-10037535What is the price you may ask ? There is one thing in life that is constant for everyone. But before we divulge that secret there are basically only two ways to get something that is just out of your reach – like a real dream or massive goal. You can either (a) pay for it and get someone else to show you the best way to get it faster, or the other way (b) spend time and learn and attain it for yourself. Now the big secret that is constant for everyone is time. we all only have a certain amount of time. some have money and others do not. But we are all bound by 24 hours in a day and only a certain life span. Not being all morbid but this is so true. If you are willing to achieve your goals, faster, then either pay someone to help you, or learn it for yourself.

BOTH OF THESE METHODS TAKE EFFORT! I thoroughly recommend that take the short cut and get someone to teach you the easy way faster, and that way you can spend your extra time on doing the things that you would rather do for yourself and your loved ones. Save Time and short cut the system – for example Here. It’s also very important that you do not get dismayed. That you do not lose focus on your dream, and that you keep that action plan alive. A positive step everyday is progress. The fact is that YOU CAN DO IT! with the right training and guidance. It is a matter of following instruction at the right time, and duplicate other people’s success pattern. Yes, it is that simple. I know when I made my first $20 online, (and my subsequent $1,000 etc online) it was a matter of just following the pattern from someone else. It was that simple.
The price is a little time and effort.

So Are You willing to Pay That Price? Well?…The Answer Should unequivocally be YES!

A Brand New Day – How to Become One of the 1%

By , May 23, 2014

ID-10029725You’ve heard of the saying “that’s how the other half lives…” This saying is supposed to categorize people and wealth.

In actual fact, it is only about 1%. I’m talking about those who are successful and actually fulfill their dreams. It’s that small number that actually get up, decide at they have had enough, and are determined to actually do something about it. There are a lot of talkers, and a lot of idealists, but very few people who really do something about their situation. And then you find some people start to do something about changing their future, their overall wealth, and then they run into a problem and give up before they get their reward. That my friend is reality!

It is imperative that a massive shift or change happen in order to make a difference. The truth is that if you always do what you have always done, then you will always get what you have always got. Imagine an insect trapped inside a house, and they keep trying to escape through the glass window, it just isn’t going to happen. But if they stop and look for an open door instead, then they will truly escape their demise. This is essentially the same for us. All of us. It’s a brand new Day…. so…

Here’s what we need to do to reach the 1% club.

• Recognize your situation
• Be truthful, and figure out just how bad (or good) it really is
• Develop an escape plan, by following the lead from other people who have escaped.
• Develop an action plan to go with the escape plan… Write down Step by step what you must do.
• Initiate your backup principles – no matter how poor or well off you are: (That is to save 10% of everything you earn into a bank account that you will not spend but rather save, and save a further 10% to give to God, a charity and or to help others, and then, work with the remaining 80% of your income.) this might seem a little “airy fairy” but it is the principle that will make you rich beyond compare.. Both individually as a person, and wealth in materialistic measure. (your savings should be split into 3 buckets: 70% long term low risk security, 20% higher risk investment, and 10% into your “reward account” that you can spend on yourself when you reach milestones in your plan)
• Recognize that is is Never Too Late to start… obviously the sooner the better.
• Associate with successful people who will build you up, and disassociate with people who will bring you down. Energy always flows better from a higher to a lower potential, so green what you an from positive high energy people.
• Be consistent – evaluate your plan regularly, and follow the plan,

And Finally, never give up – never give up – never give up.

So can we Welcome you to the 1% club?

As simple as this might seem, not many follow it, hence, not many people are in the 1% club! – It’s Now your next move..

The 7 Secret Golden Rules For Effective Affiliate Marketing – Part 3

By , May 18, 2014


6. Promotion. (marketing and exposure using a fluid sales /action process will deliver the best results every time)

It is imperative that you promote the product and affiliate offer. Firstly, there is a saying in marketing that goes like “once you promote your product, market your product”. In other words, market, promote, and market some more. The more exposure your product gets (in front of the right targeted audience) the more referrals and sales you will get. What is the use of the best product in the world if no one knows about it? Secondly, although it is important to use the right method of delivery for your product / affiliate links, it is critical that you implement an effortless process in which people can easily glide through the process without having to “do work” to get through. This includes promotion and reminding them of the offer. If people have to go to too much effort to get through the purchase or download of your product or affiliate offer, they will simply lose interest and leave before they complete the transaction.

7. Cross promote. (find similar niche products that you can use, re-establish credibility, promote, reinforce credibility and repeat promotion.)

There is only so many times you can promote the same product or affiliate offer to your prospects and customers. After a while they will start seeking other products in that niche from somewhere to compliment what they already have. So you may as well be the one to supply them with that information and product list. It benefits you and benefits them. View it as a win / win for everyone. However, Be warned: only promote products that compliment the original product or affiliate offer otherwise people will see you as only interested in selling them, and not helping them. You will lose these people quicker than ‘a chip amongst sea gulls.’

Using all 7 of these secret golden rules you will dominate your niche. It is not a matter of IF, but rather WHEN. They are truly powerful and very exciting when they are working for you!

The 7 Secret Golden Rules For Effective Affiliate Marketing – Part 2

By , May 13, 2014

3. Relationships. (Build a relationship – Recommendations always work better than cold placement)


Write to your prospects and generate more interest in the niche. The best way to communicate with your prospects is either email or RSS article promotion (real simple syndication from blog posts), where they can see your interesting messages come through that may help them. The messages and emails should be interesting, spark curiosity and fulfill their desire to learn more about the niche, highlighting your affiliate offers as the solution (word-smithing and persuasive well constructed sentences). Without slamming things down their throat, you foster a good relationship and encourage them to take actions towards the solutions (including your affiliate offers).

4. Consistency. (It takes 4 to 5 exposures to a product for most people to buy)

It is very rare that affiliates will make really good money off a campaign that prospects only seen once. Most people take repeat exposure to offers to see the value in it so they take action. When you have a subscriber list you have great opportunity to show your offer to your prospect many times over. Once people click through and take action on your affiliate offer, they are also more likely to follow your advice on other products you promote as well.

5. Generate interest. (Give them something they can keep and refer back to like a report or mini book full of great information and links as it will spark more targeted interest and results).

It is not hard to write a great report or book that people can download / print out and read at a later stage. I know when I am interested in a certain niche, I download reports and books and read them later… especially on my iPad which can click through the clickable links!. It is because people with busy lives schedule time to read and look at books and information. It is also a good thing because they are usually in their “quiet place” with no distractions, which means they are more likely to take action on you advice (and affiliate offers)!

The 7 Secret Golden Rules For Effective Affiliate Marketing – Part 1

By , May 8, 2014

ID-100240810The term affiliate marketing has so many “connotations” now it is a little disturbing. Just the fact that you may send people to a website via your affiliate link does not necessarily mean that you are an affiliate marketer. Sure you may be going through the motions, but a real affiliate marketer actually does more than just that, they build relationships and a following in each niche they delve into. They become the expert that people trust. Even if you are just introduced to them, you quickly see that they are the expert and almost instant rapport is established. Super affiliates use this to their advantage, and truly do well at their craft.

Even when they explode their traffic web into their offer, people have no other option “but to” submit or purchase, because the structure is just too good to miss.

If you want to learn how to become a brilliant super affiliate, then you have to implement these 7 critical steps that most people just gloss over. In that regard, you could even say they are secret!

Now there are many aspects to each step that need to be fully embraced. In fact we could do a full course on each of these very aspects alone. None the less, let’s consider the 7 critical steps:

1. Avoid the hard sell. (People don’t like “in your face marketing”)
A lot of people say that they don’t like advertisements. But the fact is that they work. However, one thing that people don’t like, and get annoyed with very quickly is loud and “in your face” advertisements. Nowadays people prefer to hear and see ads that are thought provoking, quieter and not abrupt and enjoyable. As long as you have a catchy tune or theme in the ad people will remember the product. For myself and my family, there are certain ads that come onto TV or the radio and we mute them immediately because they’re are almost invasive. They annoy us, so we switch off. The same is true for banner ads and other Internet adverts that are too in your face. So, be careful of the type of ads and marketing you use.

2. Utilize congruency. (Your affiliate product must be harmony with the ad, discussion)
When running any campaign or affiliate ads or articles, they must continue on from the ad or initial information and be in harmony with the train of thought that your customer is experiencing. In other words, your affiliate offer must not change your customers emotion and thought pattern form your initial ad or article, but rather strengthen their hunger for an answer to their problem.

How to Double Your Coaching Income: Know Yourself – Part 3

By , May 3, 2014

by Dr. Michael Craig

One of the things a lot of coaches fail to recognize is that their skills don’t necessarily match up with what they’re trying to market. If you’re trying to market yourself as a life coach, but your actual skill is editing, wouldn’t it make more sense to be an editing coach or a writing coach, or someone who can help people write or edit? Now, if you no longer enjoy editing, that’s another issue, but find something that has a problem attached to it.

ID-100123106People are looking for solutions to problems. If you can match that skill to the market that’s looking to find what you have to offer, you have a much better chance of selling your services.

If you want to DOUBLE your income, you have chance to do that several ways:

1) increase the number of clients,

2) increase your number of products and services, and

3) increase the frequency of your offerings.

But it all starts with knowing yourself.

How to Double Your Coaching Income: Know Yourself – Part 2

By , April 28, 2014

by Dr Michael Craig

A plumber for example can clean your clogged drain, that’s a definable problem. That’s a problem that’s measurable. You’ve got a plumbing problem. You call a plumber. He comes and gets the junk out of the pipes.

You’re fixed. Done, right?

ID-100207203On the other hand a life coach may say “Well, I’m going to take you from point A to point B and help you get there. I’m going to hold your hand while you do this and that.” That’s a little bit softer because there are so many options there. What EXACTLY can you do to help this person “get from Point A to Point B?” Your potential client might want to lose weight; or they might want to learn to speed read or maybe learn to be a better employee, or have better relationships with their spouse or something. If you go on and on about taking them “from Point A to Point B,” why should they even listen to you? What exactly IS “Point A” anyway??

Now, if you have a SPECIFIC program that solves a particular problem, you’ve got something you can talk about and sell. “I can help you lose 150 pounds of ugly fat in 3 days without dieting” or something like that…

Most business coaches already know that success is in the details. If you can’t define exactly HOW you are going to help your prospective client, you have little chance getting hired. Most CEOs and business owners are very bottom-line oriented. If you can’t, for example, show them how they can “double company revenues in 6 months while cutting expenses 23.7% over the same period,” you’ll probably be shown the door.

So what do you have to offer?

Knowing yourself also means knowing what you need. How much money do you need? How much do you charge for coaching? How long are your sessions? How many hours and days per week you want to work?

Now, you can work 8 hours a day, 5 days or 7 days a week or you can do like I do and work maybe 12 to 15 hours a week using email, phone, Skype, things like that. You don’t want to work all the time. You want to have time left over for your family, and to market your coaching practice as well, if needed.

Is there actually a demand for your type of coaching?

How to Double Your Coaching Income: Know Yourself – Part 1

By , April 23, 2014

by Dr. Michael Craig

If you are a Life Coach, Business Coach or Consultant, and have all the clients you want or need, congratulations! You can pass on this article and go read something else.

If, however, you are among the many coaches who struggle to find the right “formula” for getting new clients, listen up: making more money in coaching is not always about getting new clients! It’s really about maximizing the amount of service and revenue you generate with each client. It’s really about knowing yourself, what you can offer, and knowing which client needs your particular talents the most.

ID-100151110Big Key: Know Yourself.

The fact is, you only have a certain number of hours in the day. You can spend 100% of your waking time chasing new clients and coaching, but at some point you’ll want to slow down and get paid more for doing less. That’s one of the reasons you got into coaching in the first place, right? Right.

So let me cut to the chase here. If you want to attract clients who are willing to pay you the kind of money you need to live well and support your family, you have to convince these clients that you are best for them.

And I’m not talking about SELLING clients. I’m referring to the whole process that leads up to their saying ‘yes’ to your coaching proposal. Most coaches are not real good at sales, and are usually worse as marketers. I say that because of some numbers floating around “out there.” More than half of all coaches, for example, make less than $10,000 a year, according to one survey. That’s less than $40 a day!

So right off the bat, you can see that a little knowledge of sales and marketing (or branding) could go a LONG way towards helping struggling coaches to struggle a bit less. It can also help already-successful coaches do even better. They know, for instance, that it only takes ONE IDEA can dramatically improve their bottom line!

Knowing yourself is the first key. How do you see yourself as a coach? More importantly: how do others see you as a coach? People perceived coaches in different ways and, if you’ve gone out and tried to sell your services, you’re already aware there is usually a lot of resistance to hiring life coaches.

Why is that? Well, one of the reasons is most people don’t know what life coaches actually DO. They’re selling “soft” services and a soft service is that which is undefined. In other words, you’re not producing measurable results or answering a definable problem.

Savvy Business or Just Another One in the Crowd ?

By , April 18, 2014

ID-10031740There is a lot of competition when it comes to business. You can either sit on the side lines and watch things happen around you, or you can be on the forefront and make the trends that everyone else will eventually follow.

Using video today is such a must. People expect to see the professionalism and personal touch that video can so readily offer.

Here’s the best part… It doesn’t need to be too elaborate, or Steven Spielberg Professional, it just has to fit in with your website and products… you personal touch. 

A savvy business will make things happen with video, and promote their products.

A side business will watch everyone else do it, then get on board after it’s too late.

If you have an iphone, or smart phone, then there is literally no excuse as to why you aren’t doing video. Make it work for you.

Some ideas for video include:

• Talk about the product in a slide show presentation
• Talk about the product “on face” talking to the camera.
• Interview some customers and get some great tips, and feedback
• Share some great tips about how to use your product
• Show people how to use and the features of your product
• Make a short video ad
• Tip of the week
• Share the benefits (different to features)
• video of people just having fun with the product

Blitz The Competition with Powerful Video In Your Marketing

By , April 13, 2014

ID-10079627It might seem a bit Obvious, but there is time and a place for everything. Video is no exception…

BUT, if you understand the principle, then you will ALWAYS get this one right.

In order to Blitz the competition in your marketing campaign, you need to tackle the real issue…

People want Relevance and they want it at the right time.

This is the golden rule when it comes to the best use of video

If you understand this – you will never go hungry again…

You customers are always asking questions…

When they first get to your website, they want to know what it is about, and whether it will suit their needs or whether it will provide a solution to their problem.

If you know the answer to the questions BEFORE they are asked, and present them when the visitor asks them in their head, then you are essentially “reading their mind” and they are “guided to your solution” without them even knowing it.

Yep, that is the biggest secret when it comes to knowing what video to do and when to do it !